Accredited Motor Vehicle Appraisers

“Need your car appraised? We do that!”

Four Counties Auction Ontario specializes in vehicle valuations. As stated within our core values, we ask questions before we give answers, in order to understand our clients’ needs and objectives. It is important to clarify the purpose of the appraisal, for its purpose will determine the basis of the report, definition of value, and subsequent method of valuation.

Vehicle valuations are often insurance-related. Insurance Appraisals typically involve an Inspection Report, Digital Images, as well as the construction of a Comparable Sales Analysis.

In some cases, a vehicle appraisal may be required for ownership transfer (Ontario). A Motor Vehicle Appraisal Record is a less detailed report that involves an on-site inspection and subsequent estimate of Fair Market Value (for retail sales tax purposes), using a single page from provided by Ministry of Finance through your local Service Ontario office.

The appraisal of both Household and Commercial Assets are generally legal matters of one shape or form. Again, the purpose of the appraisal report determines the definition of value, basis of appraisal, and subsequent method of valuation. Reports of this nature typically involve an Inventory List, Digital Images, and corresponding Dollar Values.

Our president, Tim Grendys, has been an accredited member in good standing of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group since November of 2000, and is a recognized appraiser with the Ministry of Finance (ON). Tim possesses a wide range of appraisal experience relating to both vehicles, as well as household, and industrial/ commercial assets.

Common grounds for appraisal within the Province of Ontario involve matters relating to:

  • HST (Ownership Transfer)
  • Insurance
  • Divorce (Matrimonial Equalization)
  • Will Probate
  • Charitable Donation
  • Bankruptcy
  • ODSP
  • OSAP