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“Whether you’re settling an estate, downsizing, or closing a business, large or small, Four Counties Auction Ontario can help.”

How online auctions work:
  • Step one – Auction items are organized into lots, described, and photographed
  • Step two – Auction catalog is uploaded to the World Wide Web!
  • Step three – Online Preview promotes buyer interest!!
  • Step four – Auction begins and builds momentum!!!
  • Step five – Auction climaxes and secure payments are processed.
  • Step six – Auction items are picked up and removed at buyers risk and expense.
  • And you’re done!!

Online auctions work. The technology is amazing. With the right marketing, your audience is virtually unlimited. And don’t forget to keep in mind that, what might seem like junk to you, may be treasure to someone else.

Take a breath, and let Four Counties Auction Ontario help you process your estate and downsizing needs. An honest opinion is only a phone call away.   Phone Tim at:  519-878-9968

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